Friday Bulletin

September 18, 2020


The deadline for the Friday Bulletin is Tuesday of each week at 11:00 am. Due to our editing process to lessen the number of errors in the bulletin, this deadline must be more strictly adhered to in order to deliver the best results. Submissions and changes will no longer be able to be accepted after the 11:00 Tuesday deadline. 

Residents–if you do not want your birthday announced in the bulletin, please submit this information to Ricki, ext. 3628.

Residents—please let us know if you are starting your programs back up.  It would be very helpful if you could complete another Room Reservation form since the programs are limited to 17 or 20 and set ups may be different. Please submit Room Reservation forms to Mary.

Upcoming Events

September 19 (Saturday) 10:00–2:00 (appt. only)
It’s “Doll Day” at the Treasure Shop.  The shop has dolls of all types—baby dolls, collectibles, and antiques.  There is a very pretty doll cradle and some special baskets, as well as accessories and clothing items that would make nice Christmas gifts.  Plush bears also available. Half-off sale on all lamps, this day only. NEW AT THE TREASURE SHOP:  a plush cat/dog bed; several containers of fish food; a travel steamer; a heating pad, and a humidifier with the filters.  There is always something interesting or new at very low prices in the shop!

September 19 (Saturday) 1:30 Auditorium
Fairhaven Opera presents Puccini’s La Boheme. We will watch the Metropolitan Opera’s spectacular 2014 Franco Zeffirelli production. It is Puccini’s most popular and successful opera and is the most performed opera in the history of the Met. It’s the classic moving tale of bohemian life in Paris where we meet Mimi, an impoverished seamstress in poor health, and the struggling young poet, Rodolfo, who fall hopelessly in love. (Limit 20).

September 21 (Monday) 10:00 a.m.–11:00 Leighton Room
Fairhaven Poetry and Prose: This group includes not only writers, but readers and listeners who enjoy poetry, or prose, or both. If you have a poem or a prose piece which either you have written, or have particularly enjoyed reading, please bring it to share. For more information, please call Ed Waters at 8466. Masks will be required.

September 22 (Tuesday) 11:15
September Wellness Chat “Writing to Wellness”: “Writing to Wellness” will explore how writing improves our emotional, cognitive, and physical wellness, and explain why the “mature mind” is well-suited for writing. We’ll offer several writing exercises to try, from simple “count your blessings” lists, to 10-minute “expressive writing” exercises, to writing your life story.  Resident, Joan Higbee, will present in the Auditorium.  This will be shown LIVE on the in-house TV on this day and will be recorded to be shown at later dates to be announced.  Auditorium is limited to 30.

September 23 (Wednesday) 10:45 Auditorium
Music Listeners: In 1957 on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, the world-renowned cellist, Pablo Casals, performed a memorable concert. In 2015, to again celebrate Founders Day, Amit Peled (currently professor of Cello at Peabody, and equally renowned as a world class cellist) decided to recreate the exact program that Casals had played 58 years earlier. And he did it playing Casals cello. We will watch a video of that concert. Come and enjoy! (Limit 20). This will also be televised on Channel 971.

September 23 (Wednesday) 1:30
Virtual Town Hall Meeting on Channel 971 with Phil Burkholder, Executive Director. If you miss the meeting, it can be viewed at:

To submit questions, see p.6 for FRA officers’ phone and e-mail information.

September 24 (Thursday) 12:00 CH 971
Bible Study: Max Lucado Check-ins will show at 12:00 on Channel 970. Then, the “Promised Land” DVD will be played at 12:15 PM on Channel 971.

*NEW–September 25 (Friday) 9:00 CH 971
FRA Meeting (televised): The FRA officers plus Len Hartwig and Jim Hull with gather in the Auditorium to answer on TV any written questions that have been sent in in advance regarding the revisions to the Bylaws. The other 8 Board members plus the Parliamentarian with gather in the Auditorium at 10:00 for a televised FRA Board meeting.

*NEW–September 25 (Friday) 10:00–2:00 (appt. only)
Treasure Shop Antique Sale: We’ve got a bunch of “olde” things at low prices.  Look and see how many of these are from your childhood!  How about a Kodak slide projector and a tabletop viewer? All shoppers must be masked and gloved.  Please sign up on the schedule on the Treasure Shop door.

*NEW–October 1st (Thursday) 10:00
Practical Online Security: Given the computer security incidents we have experienced recently, Don Stevens-Rayburn will discuss how to keep your online experience safe and secure. He will describe some of the latest scams and some classic scams that still float around the internet. This will take place in the Auditorium (limited to 30) and shown live on Channel 971.

*NEW–October 2 (Friday) 10:00 Leighton Room
Book Club will meet to discuss The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware. Books are now available to be picked up and borrowed from the Library office.


A few residents’ email accounts have been hacked.  If you receive an email from anyone asking if you have an AMAZON ACCOUNT OR COMCAST ACCOUNT, DELETE IT RIGHT AWAY.  DO NOT OPEN IT.  IF YOU HAVE ALREADY OPENED IT, DELETE IT AND CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW.

It is very important that you know, this was NOT sent by our residents.  They had nothing to do with this and had no idea it was happening until they were notified by others who received it.

Just a reminder to never give out any personal information over the phone or by email.  You never know who is on the other end.

*NEW–COMCAM Office Hours are Back!
COMCAM has received the Executive Director’s permission to restart COMCAM Office Hours. For those folks who are new to Fairhaven, COMputer & CAMera Office Hours are a time when you can request one-on-one help with all your electronic gadgets. COMCAM does not guarantee an answer to your questions or that we can fix your problems, but we will certainly try.

Due to the pandemic, Office Hours will operate somewhat differently now than in the past. Instead of having fixed hours where you could simply arrive, COMCAM will now operate by appointment only. To make an appointment, please email Don Stevens-Rayburn at (preferred) or call ext. 3084 to set up a time to meet. In the email you send, please describe your problem as fully as possible, as it may be possible to resolve your problem by return email.

Meetings will occur in the Resident Computer Lab on the ground floor of the Beasman Center. For each appointment, Don Stevens-Rayburn or another techie will meet a single resident and masks must be worn.

*NEW– Virtual OlympiActs 2020 (October 5-16)
Fairhaven is looking for a “few good men and women” to participate in this year’s Virtual OlympiActs. This Acts annual event (in non-pandemic times hosted at an Acts community) pits Fairhaven in challenges with the other Acts communities in the Chesapeake Region.  Let’s win this year!  The challenge events for the Virtual OlympiActs are: Billiards, Cornhole, Engineering Challenge, Jigsaw Puzzle, Minute to Win It, Paper Airplane Challenge, Putting, Spelling Bee, Trivia, Walking Relay, Wii Bowling, 2-week CyberCycle Challenge.

Some events will be held live, and some will be recorded to be shown on the in-house TV.  We all need a little more fun right now, so please consider participating.  Tryouts will be held for some events the week of September 21.  If you signed up for an event that requires tryouts, you will be notified.  There are still openings for the following events:

  • Paper Airplane Challenge – We know there are residents out there who used to make paper airplanes to fly through the classroom.  We need your skills to make a good long-distance flying airplane, and you won’t even get detention for doing it.  You will be given all the supplies you need to build an airplane that flies the greatest distance.  You will have ten minutes to make the airplane.  If you would like to have some fun, then please join us and help us to win this event.
  • Engineering Challenge – Attention all creative residents.  With this challenge, you will be given all the supplies you need to build a structure.  The goal is to build the tallest freestanding structure in one hour.  This will be a really fun challenge.

If you are interested in either of the events above, please contact Mary at ext. 3809. Contact Sam Yurko, Fitness Trainer with any general questions at ext. 1396.

News from the Sales and Marketing Team:  The New Neighbors Program — Earn $2,500 for every friend who moves in! Help keep your community strong, vibrant, and filled with your favorite people.  Imagine if your friends also lived here so you could share the Acts Fairhaven lifestyle together.  It’s easy to do with our resident referral program.  Just encourage friends who have not yet contacted the community to come experience our lifestyle firsthand.

For every person you refer, we’ll enter you into a quarterly drawing to win an Amazon Echo.  If your friends move into an Acts community, you will receive a one-time credit to your monthly fee for $2,500.  (Only friends who have not contacted the community previously are eligible.)

Write the name of a friend on a referral card.  Submit your card to the Move-in Coordinator, Lisa Gambardella.

Like and Follow our Facebook Page:

The Resident Workshop is looking for residents who would like to use the Workshop. If you have any interest in wood working and using the many tools available in the Workshop, please contact John Ramsden, ext. 8481 or Buzz Clagett, ext. 3185. We really want to keep this activity going and we need your help.

An Opportunity to Help Out: It has been suggested to the FRA that some residents would be interested in tidying the common garden areas in their neighborhoods. We know some of you do this already.

What is needed is cutting back dead stalks, “deadheading” or cutting off old blooms and some weeding. If you need assistance with what to do, it can be given. You work when you want, as long as you want. A lot can be done in an hour.

If interested, call Arlene Desmarais at ext. 3118, so we do not overlap areas. No severe pruning needed now. Any suggestions for new plantings must go through Grounds staff.

General Election 2020:
Some upcoming dates to pay attention to are as follows: 1) the last day to register to vote in the General Election is October 13. 2) the last day to request a mail-in ballot is October 20.

If you have not yet received an application for a mail-in ballot, you can get an application in our library.

In person early voting (General Election 2020) will take place Monday, October 26 – Monday, November 2, 7am-8pm at the Westminster Senior Center and South Carroll Swim Club.

In person voting on Election Day (General Election 2020) will take place Tuesday, November 3 7am-8pm at Liberty High School.

Transportation for voting will be provided. A schedule will be in next week’s bulletin.

For more details, visit the website:

Receiving Bulletins: If you received bulletins and notices via email but you would prefer to receive a hard copy, please notify Mary Boyer at ext. 3809 so a green dot can be placed on your mailbox.

Morning newspapers: If you do not receive your morning newspaper you may call 443-692-9011 by 10:00 AM and they will deliver your paper that day.

Mail:  If you receive mail that does not belong to you, please leave it on the resource desk on the ground floor.  Also, if you notice that you have someone else’s mail after you return home, please bring it back.  Because this is US Mail, we must return it to our mail carrier to lock it in the correct mailbox. Residents have reported not getting magazines, and some very important mail.  We would appreciate everyone’s cooperation, so everyone receives all their mail.  Thank you.

Transportation and Shopping: Shopping trips have resumed with new protocols. You must sign up for the shopping trips at the Main Reception Desk (Nancy ext. 8800). Transportation services have returned with a maximum occupancy of 25% of vehicle/bus capacity.  Sign-up sheets will be utilized, as well as oversight from the staff to assist with extra cleaning, the maintaining of social distancing, and mask wearing.

A Note from the Main Reception Desk: If you will not be eating a meal at Fairhaven, please call ext. 8800 daily by 3:00 p.m. so your name can be placed on the “No-Meal” check list.  This should prevent the follow up phone calls and a knock on your door at night. Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience.

FRA Board Members’ Phone Numbers: To provide live call-in questioning at the Town Halls, here are the cell phone numbers to call or to submit text message questions:

Norm 1-703-405-5041
Joan 443-745-8979
Barb 1-252-947-2813
Ellen 410-456-5958

It is still very helpful to call or e-mail questions to the FRA officers before noon on Tuesday so that we have time to compile and organize the questions. Here are e-mail addresses and house phone numbers:

Worship Services

Two weeks of activities listed:

September 18 (Friday) 2:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m. Faith and Film Televised Movie Channel 971 “Return to the Hiding Place” The true story of university students who helped with the hiding and smuggling of 880 Jewish people, thus saving their lives during World War II.

September 20 (Sunday) Pentecost 16- Televised Service

10:30 a.m.        Church Service Prelude- Special Music 

11:00 a.m.      Fairhaven Sunday Service with Dr. Alva (Buzz) Baker, guest officiant and preacher, televised on Fairhaven Channel 971 with musician Ann Davis.

Sunday’s Bulletin can be picked up at the resource desk or the Main Reception desk (Nancy) or can be downloaded or viewed on Fairhaven resident’s website. Call Ellen Wiser if you can’t find a bulletin on either desk.

Remember that our Chapel is open at all times and to all residents for personal prayer and meditation.   All are welcome! Daily Bread meditations booklets are available for your use and can be found at the Chapel entrance, as well as where bulletins are picked up.

September 24 (Thursday) 12:00 p.m.  Bible Study Max Lucado Check-ins will show at 12:00 on Channel 970. Then, the “Promised Land” DVD will be played at 12:15 PM on Channel 971.

September 24 (Thursday) 3:00 p.m.  Rosary Bishop’s Chapel

September 25 (Friday) 5:00 p.m.  Special Zoom Shabbat Gathering with Rabbi Amy Scheinerman.   If you would like to join this group, please call ext. 3888 by 3:00.   All are welcome.

September 25 (Friday) 2:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.  Faith and Film Televised Movie Channel 971 “Woodlawn” A true story about a Spiritual awakening involving the Woodlawn High School football team that helped to bring racial healing to a newly integrated troubled high school in Birmingham, Alabama.  Starring Jon Voight and Sherri Shepherd.

September 27 (Sunday) Pentecost 16- Televised Service

10:30 a.m.        Church Service Prelude- Special Music
11:00 a.m.      Fairhaven Sunday Service with The Rev. Wayne Larson, Senior Chaplain, televised on Fairhaven Channel 971 with musician Ann Davis.

October 1 (Thursday) 12:15 p.m.  Bible Study Series on Channel 970   

October 1 (Thursday) 3:00 p.m.  Rosary Bishop’s Chapel

October 2 (Friday) 5:00 p.m.  Special Zoom Shabbat Gathering with Rabbi Amy Scheinerman.  If you would like to join this group, please call ext. 3888 by 3:00.   All are welcome.

October 2 (Friday) 2:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.  Faith and Film Televised Movie Channel 971 “The Cross and the Switchblade” A true story about a country preacher (David Wilkerson) who is prompted by God to minister to warring gang members in the most dangerous areas of New York City in the 1960’s.   Starring Pat Boone.

October 4 (Sunday) 2:00 p.m.  St. Francis Day Outdoor Celebration-Pet Blessing at the shuffleboard court. Bring your pet for a special outdoor service and a special blessing.  Those who have lost pets can bring a remembrance such as a photo or other sentimental item.  There will be treats for all pets afterward.  Questions? Call The Rev. Wayne Larson at ext. 3888.

Culinary Services

Making Reservations: Reservations are to be made the day that you are dining between the hours of 8 a.m.-3 p.m. by either calling the reservation line at extension 4000 or emailing Unfortunately, we will not be able to honor any emails or voicemail reservations that are not made between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Please call ext. 3620 if you have an issue with your lunch or dinner delivery. This is the after-hours extension to call after 5:00 p.m. Again, if you have an issue with your meal or need to speak with a dining services supervisor or manager after 5:00 p.m., call ext. 3620.

Library Announcements

*NEW–Carroll County Public Library will be reopening September 21, with limited capacity. Starting this day, you will be able to come inside of the public library branches (in Carroll County) to browse and check out materials. Masks are required. Please visit the following website for more details:

*NEW–Fairhaven Library is open with some changes. Starting Monday the 21st, it will be open on evenings and weekends, as well as regular daytime hours. There is still a limit of 4 visitors at a time and face masks are required. Residents must sign in and out. There will be volunteers during some evenings and weekends, but not during regular daytime hours. The newspaper room will still be closed, and newspapers will not be available.

*NEW–Book Club books are available to pick up and borrow for the October 2 Book Club Meeting. The book will be The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware.

Quote of the Week

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” –Lucille Ball

Moving Around Fairhaven

Sarah Hay has moved from C-124 to C-008.  Her new number is 443-609-3077, ext. 3077.

Happy Birthday

September 22 – Barbara Holland
September 23 –Eileen Uecker, Joyce Barker
September 24 – Clare Mezzanotte
September 26 – Helena Cheyne
September 27 – Max Wiener, Marianna Klein

In Loving Memory

Mrs. Beulah “Bea” Feezer
September 2, 1920–September 13, 2020

All submissions for the next Friday Bulletin are due to Ricki Hunsinger no later than Tuesday at 11:00 am. Email your submissions to We are sorry, but we cannot accept late submissions.

Calendar of Activities: Week of September 20, 2020

Channel 970 airs activities, menus, & announcements non-stop; they are read aloud 9:30 am weekdays.

Sunday, September 20

10:30 CH 971 Music Prelude
11:00 CH 971 Worship Service
2:00 CH 971 Movie: The Chameleon
4:30 CH 971 Movie: Northern Lights
7:00 CH 971 Movie: The Chameleon

Monday, September 21

9:00 CH 971 Exercise for Arthritis DVD
9:15 Pool: Water Toning (limit 12)
10:00 Yoga for Arthritis DVD
10:00 LGTN Poetry & Prose
11:00 CH 971, AUD Muscle Toning “Live” (limit 20)
1:00 CH 971 Yoga: Strength and Balance DVD
2:00 CH 971 Movie: Sweet Charity
3:00 M&G Comparative Religion (limit 20)
4:30 CH 971 Movie: Poirot: Five Little Pigs
7:00 CH 971 Movie: Sweet Charity

Tuesday, September 22

9:00 CH 971 Yoga-Strength & Balance DVD
10:00 CH 971 Movie: Gone with the Wind Act 1
10:15 Mall Lane—Garden Strollers
11:15 CH 971 Wellness Chat “Writing to Wellness”
1:15 CH 971, AUD Wellness Workout “Live” (limit 20)
2:00 CH 971 Movie: Gone with the Wind Act 2
4:30 CH 971 Movie: Gone with the Wind Act 1
7:00 CH 971 Movie: Gone with the Wind Act 2

Wednesday, September 23

9:00 CH 971 Yoga for Arthritis DVD
9:15 Pool: Water Toning (limit 12)
10:45 AUD, CH 971 Music Listeners: Casals cello (limit 20)
11:00 AUD Muscle Toning live (limit 20)
1:30 CH 971: Virtual Town Hall Meeting with Phil Burkholder
2:30 CH 971 Movie: Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back
4:00 Grab n Go Social Hour – Beasman Lounge
5:00 CH 971 Movie: The Great Dan Patch
7:00 CH 971 Movie: Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

Thursday, September 24

9:00 CH 971 T’ai Chi: Joy Thru Movement DVD
10:00 CH 971 Movie: Million Dollar Baby
10:15 Mall Lane—Happy Trailers
12:00 CH 970 Bible Study: Max Lucado Check-in
12:15 CH 971 Bible Study: “The Promised Land”
1:15 CH 971, AUD Wellness Workout “Live” (limit 20)
2:00 CH 971 Movie: Lee Daniels
3:00 CHPL Rosary
4:30 CH 971 Movie: Million Dollar Baby
7:00 CH 971 Movie: Lee Daniels

Friday, September 25

9:00 CH 971 FRA Meeting televised Q&A
9:15 Pool: Water Toning (limit 12)
10:00 CH 971 FRA Board Meeting (members only)
11:00 CH 971, AUD Muscle Toning “Live” (limit 20)
2:00 CH 971 Movie: Woodlawn
4:00 Grab n Go Social Hour in Beasman Lounge
4:30 CH 971 Movie: Bambi
5:00 Zoom Shabbat Gathering
7:00 CH 971 Movie: Woodlawn

Saturday, September 26

10:00 CH 971 Movie: Stagecoach
2:00 CH 971 Movie: The Great Gatsby
4:30 CH 971 Movie: Stagecoach
7:00 CH 971 Movie: The Great Gatsby

ART Art Studio
AUD Auditorium
CER Ceramics Rm
CHPL Chapel
COX Cox Rm
CRD Card Rm
CRFT Crafts Rm
FSR Fireside Rm
LGTN Leighton Rm
LNGE Beasman Lounge
M&G Music & Game Room
RT COM Resident Computer Room
SSO Social Services Office
UPL Uplands Lounge