Friday Bulletin

January 22, 2021


For all events where audiences are permitted, attendance is now limited to the first 10 people who sign up. Please sign up for events at the main reception desk by calling ext. 8800. To attend a fitness class, please sign up with Sam.

Look for upcoming COVID vaccination information in your email, mailboxes, and in-house television channels.

Announcements for the bulletin (including staff announcements) will be automatically deleted after three weeks, unless instructed otherwise.

Residents–if you do not want your birthday announced in the Bulletin, please submit this information to Ricki, ext. 3628.

Residents—please let us know if you are starting your programs back up. It would be very helpful if you could complete another Room Reservation form, since the programs are limited in attendance by COVID regulations and setups may be different. Please submit Room Reservation forms to Mary.

Please remember to wear a mask.

Upcoming Events

January 23 (Saturday) 10:00–2:00
Treasure Shop Clearance Sale:
 75% off all art frames and lamps. Come and see all our new fine furniture on display. Please sign up on shop door. All shoppers must wear masks and gloves. Only two each 15 minutes.

January 23 (Saturday) 1:45 Auditorium
Fairhaven Opera presents Mefistofele: From time to time, people come along whose stories are so unique and vivid that their names actually become entries in the dictionary. One prime example is Faust, who made a disastrous deal with the devil — the sort of dubious arrangement now known as a “Faustian” bargain. Such a story is Goethe’s famed “Faust.” Still, no matter what you call his story, the character of Faust often has a hard time living up to his star billing. That’s not surprising, when you consider that the story’s other main character is the devil himself. The composer, Arrigo Boito, recognized that. He called his opera Mefistofele and made the title character one of the great bass-baritone roles in opera. It is a work of glorious moments, great arias for the major leads, and an amazing part for any opera house’s chorus. (Limit 10; sign up at reception desk by calling ext. 8800).

*NEW – January 25 (Monday) 1:00–3:00
Celebrating 2021:
Staff members will be going door-to-door to hand out wine, soda, fruit, cheese, and crackers.

January 25 (Monday) 1:30 in the Auditorium and televised on Channel 971
Note: Date in Jan 1 bulletin was incorrect. FRA Informative Meeting on Composting Toilets: There is a proposal to enhance our trail system by installing a composting toilet. Sean Beard will talk to us about the features and answer any questions residents or staff may have. Call-in numbers will be provided for questions for those who watch on TV. (Limit 10; sign up at reception desk by calling ext. 8800).

*NEW – January 27 (Wednesday) 10:45
Music Listeners: Franz Schubert is loved for his gift of melody, especially in his 615 songs. But on top of this: nine symphonies, 22 works for string quartet, 36 works for solo piano, 45 sacred works, 18 works for the stage, and over 200 other miscellaneous instrumental and vocal works. All of this in a lifetime of only 31 years! We will experience video performances of two of his greatest piano sonatas composed only a few months before his death: No. 21 in B flat major and the last movement of No. 19 in C minor, played by András Schiff. (Limit 10; sign up at reception desk by calling ext. 8800).

January 27 (Wednesday) 11:00–12:00 Leighton Room
Help for Handling Stress: Have you been having a difficult time with COVID? Has your stress increased in 2020? We’ve all been dealing with this pandemic together, but it isn’t easy. If you would like to come and participate in a small discussion group to talk about concerns and ways to help handle stress, contact social worker Jenny Bell to participate. Only a limited number can participate to have appropriate social distancing. Please RSVP to Jenny Bell (ext. 3784). Looking forward to meeting with you.

January 28 (Thursday) 12:15
Bible Study: The Bible Study program will be shown on Channel 971 — “Generosity: How God’s Radical Grace Makes Us Givers.” Max Lucado check-ins will still show at noon on Channel 970.

January 28 (Thursday) 1:15–2:15 Auditorium
Acts-centuate the Positive: COVID-19 and Rehab: Join us for our first rehab seminar of the year! This year, the theme is Acts-centuate the Positive. Learn about the risks of COVID-19 for all Acts residents, how therapy can help you proactively address these risks, and what Acts core programming you can look forward to this year. We are here to serve YOU, and allow you to THRIVE as much as possible, wherever you want to be! (Limit 10; sign up at reception desk by calling ext. 8800).

January 28 (Thursday) 6:00 pm on Channel 970
January Wellness Chat: “Adapting to the Changing World”: Kim Huff, Director of Fitness and Wellness, and Michelle Scheufleur, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, will discuss positive strategies for coping with change and techniques for applying those changes to your lifestyle. The Chat will be showing on Channel 970. To watch these chats at your own convenience, please go to:

*NEW – January 29 (Friday) 10:00–2:00
The Treasure Shop will have an Antique Sale. Come and browse through much of the old stuff from your childhood. Everything priced at dollar store prices, not antique store prices. Special feature: gown from an Indian wedding. There is also a small collection of stamps and coins. All shoppers must be masked and gloved. Please sign up on the schedule on the door or stop by and see if there is space. Limited to 2 shoppers each 15 minutes.

*NEW – January 29 (Friday) 10:15 Music & Games Room
Total Brain Health Memory 1.0: Join Ricki Hunsinger, Librarian, for an introduction to the Total Brain Health program and participate in class 1, “Getting to Know You.” The class will include light physical exercise, memory exercises, fun icebreaker activities, and a relaxation session. Limit of 10. Please sign up by calling Ricki at ext. 3628.

*NEW – February 3 (Wednesday) 11:00–1:00 Resource Desk
Chat with a Therapist: Wondering if outpatient therapy is right for you? Did you miss a rehab presentation, and would like some information or handouts? Want to know how to THRIVE? Come chat with Mandy, Director of Rehab. Dial extension 1772 for all your physical, occupational, or speech therapy needs. The Fairhaven Therapy Team is here to serve you at the gym, outside, or in the comfort of your home!

*NEW – February 8 (Monday) 1:15 CH 971, February 10 (Wednesday) at 10:15 Ch 971, February 12 (Friday) 1:15 on CH 971 & AUD
Great Decisions 2021: The group will start back on channel 971, except for the discussion on the 12th that will take place on both channel 971 and in the Auditorium (limit 10; please sign up at reception desk). Please see the Great Decisions Announcement at the bottom of this week’s Bulletin—it has several details and information about future dates. Briefing books can be purchased from Dale Bucks, ext. 3092.

*NEW – February 8 (Monday)
Residents’ Photo Gallery: 
The next exhibit of photographs made by Fairhaven residents will be displayed on Monday, February 8. The subject/theme/challenge for February is “Street scenes: Life in the city, any city”. As with all the suggested subjects, we hope to spark your creative juices to interpret the subject in your own way.
To facilitate the process of hanging the prints, it is important to have all entries available before they go on the wall. For that reason, it has been the practice that photos are brought to the display area on Sunday evening. They can be placed on the floor along the wall outside the Fitness Room. Complete guidelines for displaying photos are posted on the Gallery wall.
To assist in planning for coming displays, here are the subjects:

February – Street scenes: Life in the city, any city
March – Sunrise, sunset…
April – National Parks
May – Recreation – doing what you enjoy…
June – My best picture…

Please suggest themes! We are gathering ideas for themes for the year beginning in September 2021. If you have an idea for a monthly theme, please let me know. Send Don Stevens-Rayburn an email at or call and leave a message (ext. 3084). The only restriction is that the theme should not be too specific.


*NEW – Acts Legacy Foundation Town Hall: If you missed the Acts Legacy Foundation Town Hall presented by Caitlin Christ on January 20, it can be viewed at the following link:

Harpist Concert: If you missed the concert featuring harpist, Peter Stigdon, it can be viewed at the following link:

Copies of previous Inklings now available: The Inkling Editorial Board would like to invite you to pick up a few copies of some of the Inkling’s most recent issues, dating back to 2017. We have placed several copies of each of seven recent semi-annual editions on the shelf under the bulletin boards to the right of the Resource Desk on Beasman’s ground floor. Hope you enjoy some of the writings of previous and present fellow residents. Since our newest edition will be out within the next month, consider this a “preview of coming attractions.”

Gentle Yoga “Live” with Mo: We hope you’ll come join us for gentle movement to strengthen your muscles and joints, improve your balance, and put a spring in your step. This class involves seated and standing yoga poses and ends with a short period of stillness and meditation. It will take place Thursdays at 11:00. Virtual “Live” classes will be held for in-person participation in the Auditorium. Call Sam at ext. 1396 to register 48 hours in advance for your spot (10 max). Residents with last names ending in A-J can register for the Auditorium for the Jan 21st class (K-Z will register for the Music & Games Room this day). For the class on January 28, those with last names ending in K-Z can register for the Auditorium class and A-J will register for the Music & Games room. This will rotate each week. Also available on Channel 971.

Treasure Shop Notice: The shop will again be permitted to accept donations including furniture. Please leave items in the shopping cart outside of the Craft Room. If you have furniture, please call Ellen Constantine to arrange for pickup. All furniture must be wiped down before it can be displayed.

Advanced Directive clinics will be held throughout the year of 2021. When is the last time you reviewed your Medical Power of Attorney? Do you have a Medical Power of Attorney? Do you know the purpose of a Living Will or MOLST? The IL Social Worker, Jenny Bell, will be holding clinics to discuss these questions and more. Keep an eye on upcoming bulletins to see when they will take place. Also, all Independent Living Residents should provide Fairhaven a copy of any current advanced directives they have. It is not uncommon to forget to give facilities, doctors, etc. updated information so please reach out to your social worker, Jenny Bell, with updated copies, or should you have any questions please call ext. 3784.

Scams: We have been letting you know of the latest scams for the past few months. We cannot stress enough the importance of not giving out any personal information to anyone over the phone, through email, or by mail. Using some issue that the scammer believes you will respond to, he/she may ask for social security number or credit card number, etc. They will try to build your trust. If they get your social security number, they can open accounts in their name and possibly steal your identity. Be suspicious of these calls.
To report fraud and get support, the National Elder Fraud Hotline can be reached at 833-372-8311, or at

COMCAM Office Hours: Due to the pandemic, Office Hours will operate by appointment only. To make an appointment, please email Don Stevens-Rayburn at (preferred) or call x3084 and we will set up a time to meet. In your email, please describe your problem as fully as possible as it may be possible to resolve your problem by return email.
Meetings will occur in the Resident Computer Lab on the ground floor of the Beasman Center or in your own cottage or apartment. For each appointment, Don or another techie will meet a single resident and masks must be worn.

Sales and Marketing Team’s New Neighbors Program — Earn $2,500 for every friend who moves in! Help keep your community strong, vibrant, and filled with your favorite people. Imagine if your friends also lived here so you could share the Acts Fairhaven lifestyle together.
It is easy to do with our resident referral program. Just encourage friends who have not yet contacted the community to come experience our lifestyle firsthand.
For every person you refer, we’ll enter you into a quarterly drawing to win an Amazon Echo. If your friends move into an Acts community, you will receive a one-time credit to your monthly fee for $2,500. (Only friends who have not contacted the community previously are eligible.)
Write the name of a friend on a referral card. Submit your card to the Move-in Coordinator, Lisa Gambardella.

Like and Follow our Facebook Page:

Receiving Bulletins: If you receive bulletins and notices via email, but you would prefer to receive a hard copy, please notify Mary Boyer at ext. 3809 so a green dot can be placed on your mailbox.

Morning newspapers: If you do not receive your morning newspaper, you may call 443-692-9011 by 10 a.m. and they will deliver your paper that day.

Mail: If you receive mail that does not belong to you, please drop it in the secure cabinet behind the Resource Desk on the ground floor; there is a slot on the top. Also, if you notice that you have someone else’s mail after you return home, please bring it back. Because this is US Mail, we must return it to our mail carrier to lock it in the correct mailbox.

Transportation and Shopping: You must sign up for the shopping trips at the Main Reception Desk (Nancy ext. 8800). Transportation services have returned with a maximum occupancy of 25% of vehicle/bus capacity. Staff assists with extra cleaning and the maintenance of social distancing.
Masks must be worn!

Important Notice Regarding BB&T Bank: Cheryl Wheeler and Sandy Womer are still working out of the Mt. Airy Branch. If you need to call them, their phone number is 1-301-829-5420. If you need to mail a deposit, the address is 443 E. Ridgeville Blvd., Mt. Airy, MD 21771.

A Note from the Main Reception Desk: If you will not be eating a meal at Fairhaven, please call ext. 8800 daily by 3:00 p.m. so your name can be placed on the “No-Meal” checklist.

FRA Board Members’ Phone Numbers:
It is still very helpful to call or e-mail questions to the FRA officers before noon the day before a Town Hall meeting so that they have time to compile and organize the questions. Here are e-mail addresses and house phone numbers:

President: Joan Higbee, ext. 8470
Vice President: Bill Ruppel, ext. 3193
Secretary: Barbara Clagett, ext. 3185
Treasurer: Norm Desmarais, ext. 3118

Worship Services

January 22 (Friday) 2:00 & 7:00  Faith and Film Series: “Overcomers” Popular and inspiring faith-based movie about a high school basketball coach who experiences defeat and is challenged by the principal to coach track and help the least likely runner to take on the biggest race of the year.

January 22 (Friday) 4:30  Special Zoom Shabbat Gathering with Rabbi Amy Scheinerman. If you would like to join this group, please call ext. 3888 by 3:00. All are welcome.

January 24 (Sunday)  Special Communion Sunday – Third Sunday after Epiphany
10:30  Prelude – Special Music
11:00  Sunday Service with The Rev. Wayne Larson, Senior Chaplain. Televised on Fairhaven Channel 971 with musician and soloist Lori Ramser.
Communion kits for service (small chalices with consecrated elements) will be available with Sunday bulletins.

January 28 (Thursday) 12:15  Bible Study

January 28 (Thursday) 3:00  Rosary, Bishop’s Chapel

January 29 (Friday) 4:30  Special Zoom Shabbat Gathering with Rabbi Amy Scheinerman. If you would like to join this group, please call ext. 3888 by 3:00.  All are welcome.

January 29 (Friday) 2:00 & 7:00  Faith and Film Series: “The Shack” A story of one man’s devastating loss, how his faith was shaken by the tragedy, and his encounter with God in the most unusual and unexpected way while grieving. 

Culinary Services

No announcements this week.

Library Announcements

Carroll County Public Library is closed. It is closed to the public again due to COVID and will open only for contactless Express Pick-Up.

Fairhaven Library is open on evenings and weekends, as well as regular daytime hours. Face masks are required. Residents must sign in and out. The newspaper room remains closed, and newspapers are not available.

Quote of the Week

“You have power over your mind—not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ― Marcus Aurelius

  Happy Birthday

January 25 –   Calvin Carichner
  Linda Simmons
January 27 –   Mary Duffy
January 28 –   Robert Kenney
  Francis McNicholas

Welcome New Resident

Katherine (Kathy) Murray – C-102


All submissions for the next Friday Bulletin are due to Ricki Hunsinger
no later than Tuesday at 11 a.m. Email your submissions to We are sorry, but we cannot accept late submissions.

Calendar of Activities
Week of January 24, 2021

Channel 970 airs activities, menus, & announcements
non-stop; they are read aloud 9:30 a.m. weekdays.

For events where audiences are permitted, attendance is now limited to the first 10 people who sign up. Please sign up for events at the main reception desk by calling ext. 8800. Please sign up for fitness classes with Sam.

Sunday, January 24
10:30 CH 971 Music Prelude
11:00 CH 971 Worship Service
2:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Blood Tide

Monday, January 25
9:00 CH 971 Exercise for Arthritis DVD
9:15 Pool: Water Toning (limit 10)
11:00 CH 971, AUD Muscle Toning (live, limit 10)
1:30 CH 971, AUD FRA Informative Meeting on Composting Toilets (limit 10)
2:30 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple—Nemesis

Tuesday, January 26
9:00 CH 971 Muscle Toning DVD
10:00 CH 971, AUD Better Balance and Fall Prevention (live, limit 10)
1:15 CH 971, AUD Wellness Workout (live, limit 10)
2:30 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Tightrope

Wednesday, January 27
9:00 CH 971 Yoga for Arthritis DVD
9:15 Pool: Water Toning (limit 10)
10:45 CH 971, AUD Music Listeners: Franz Schubert (limit 10)
11:00 M&G Muscle Toning (limit 10)
11:00 LGTN Help for Handling Stress
2:30 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: E.T. the Extraterrestrial

Thursday, January 28
9:00 CH 971 T’ai Chi: Joy Thru Movement DVD
10:00 CH 971, AUD Better Balance and Fall Prevention (live, limit 10)
11:00 CH 971 Gentle Yoga with Mo (limit 10)
12:00 CH 970 Bible Study: Max Lucado Check-in
12:15 CH 971 Bible Study: Generosity: How God’s Radical Grace Makes Us Givers
1:15 CH 971, AUD Wellness Workout (live, limit 10) CANCELED
1:15 CH 971, AUD Acts-centuate the Positive Rehab Presentation (limit 10)
2:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Three Identical Strangers
3:00 CHPL Rosary
6:00 CH 971 Wellness Chat: Adapting to the Changing World

Friday, January 29
9:00 CH 971 Yoga Strength and Balance DVD
9:15 Pool: Water Toning (limit 10)
10:00–2:00 Antique Sale in Treasure Shop
10:15 M&G Total Brain Health: Getting to Know You
11:00 CH 971, AUD Muscle Toning (live, limit 10)
12:30 – 2:00 CRFT Quilters
2:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Shack
4:30 Zoom Shabbat Gathering

Saturday, January 30
2:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Being Julia


ART  Art Studio AUD  Auditorium
CER  Ceramics Room CHPL  Chapel
COX  Cox Room CRD  Card Room
CRFT  Crafts Room FSR  Fireside Room
LGTN  Leighton Room LNGE  Beasman Lounge
M&G  Music & Game Room RT COM  Resident Computer Room
SSO  Social Services Office UPL  Uplands Lounge


Great Decisions Announcement

Great Decisions 2021

The mission of the Foreign Policy Association (FPA), as it has been for over 100 years, is to serve as a catalyst for developing awareness, understanding, and informed opinions on U.S. foreign policy and global issues. Through its balanced, nonpartisan programs and publications, the FPA encourages citizens to participate in the foreign policy process.

Eight Topics for 2021

      • Global Supply Chains and National Security (February 8, 10, and 12)
      • Persian Gulf Security Issues (February 15, 17, and 19)
      • Brexit and the European Union (February 22, 24, and 26)
      • Struggles Over the Melting Arctic (March 1, 3, and 5)
      • China’s Role in Africa (March 8, 10, and 12)
      • The Korean Peninsula (March 15, 17, and 19)
      • Roles of International Organizations in a Global Pandemic
        (March 22, 24, and 26)
      • The End of Globalization? (March 29 and 31, and April 1)

The New Format

As the world continues to grapple with the effects of COVID-19, The Fairhaven Great Decisions Group will be following a “new normal” by taking full advantage of Fairhaven Channel 971. Starting on Monday, February 8, at 1:15 and Wednesday, February 10, at 10:15, a 30-minute DVD will be shown for 8 weeks on each topic on Channel 971. The video presentations will always take place on Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon.

Next, a 90-minute Discussion Session will begin on Friday, February 12 at 1:15 in the Auditorium and on Channel 971. The only exception to Friday dates will be the final session on “The End of Globalization?”, which will be on Thursday, April 1, at 1:15. This is being done not to interfere with Good Friday activities on April 2.

DVD Presentations and Discussion Sessions

This year’s DVD is narrated by Academy Award nominated actor, David Strathairn. The eight DVD presentations feature over 100 of the most important figures in international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.

Each week, 10 Fairhaven residents will have an opportunity to participate in the eight Discussion Sessions in the Auditorium. 1) A sign-up sheet for Fairhaven residents interested in attending the weekly Discussion Sessions in the Auditorium will posted on the bulletin board next to the Music and Game Room for each topic; 2) the residents will be contacted one day prior to the Discussion Session to make sure that the individual is still planning to attend the Discussion Session in the Auditorium; and 3) the residents will have an opportunity to submit their answers to the Discussion Questions one day prior to each Discussion Session. Copies of these questions can be obtained by sending an email message to Dale Bucks one week in advance of a specific Discussion Session.

Briefing Books and eBooks

Briefing Books can be purchased from Dale Bucks for $32. Make your checks out to Great Decisions of Mid Maryland. If you would like to see an advanced copy of the briefing, please contact Dale as soon as possible. If we purchase at least 15 Briefing Books from Great Decisions of Mid Maryland, we will receive a free TV DVD, a $40 value.

If you own a Kindle Fire or Nook, you can also purchase eBook from Amazon or Barnes and Noble for a cost $22.99 plus shipping. In the past, many Fairhaven residents prefer to share a Briefing Book with a spouse or friend.


If you have questions, please contact Dale at ext. 3092 or We can always modify the process so that more residents can participate. This year should be an exciting one in terms of addressing global foreign policy conflicts and solving the global pandemic problem.