Friday Bulletin

February 26, 2021


For all events where audiences are permitted, attendance is now limited to the first 10 people who sign up. Please sign up for events at the main reception desk by calling ext. 8800. To attend a fitness class, please sign up with Sam.

Announcements for the bulletin (including staff announcements) will be automatically deleted after three weeks, unless instructed otherwise.

Residents—if you do not want your birthday announced in the Bulletin, please submit this information to Ricki, ext. 3628.

Residents—please let us know if you are starting your programs back up. Please submit a new Room Reservation form to Mary Boyer, since the programs are limited in attendance by COVID regulations and setups may be different.

Please remember to wear a mask.

Upcoming Events

February 26 (Friday) 10:00–2:00
Garden Day at the Treasure Shop: We are all getting anxious for spring to arrive. The Treasure Shop has some patio furniture, chairs and tables, large and small garden tools, garden signs, birdhouses, chemicals, and seeds. A large selection of floral arranging supplies and artificial plants for those who prefer indoor gardening. We have also received several walkers and a large filing cabinet, tall bookcase, several office chairs, a typewriter table and bedside table, tray tables, plus a queen and a double headboard and rails along with bed safety rails. All shoppers must be masked and gloved. Please sign up on the reservation sheet on the door or stop by to see if there is space.

February 26 (Friday) 10:00 AUD, CH 971
FRA Board Meeting:
The regular monthly meeting of the FRA Board will be held in the Auditorium with Board members on Zoom, due to continuing COVID restrictions. It will also be televised for residents on CH 971.

February 26 (Friday) 10:15 Music & Games Room
Total Brain Health: The next lesson in the Total Brain Health Memory 1.0 Series will be “Your Memory-able Lifestyle,” which covers how lifestyle affects memory (Limit 10—class is now full; please sign up for the waiting list by calling Ricki at ext. 3628. If you DO NOT plan on attending, please let Ricki know in advance so someone on the waiting list may attend.)

*NEW–February 26 (Friday) 1:00 Craft Room
Fairhaven Craft Room Quilters requests the help of quilters to complete quilts destined for some special residents that we support.  Each kit contains everything to sew a small quilt.  Come join us to learn about our support program and get a quilt kit.  You will be able to sew in the craft room or in your cottage/apartment. Contact Leah at ext. 3072 for further information. (Limit 10).

*NEW–March 1 (Monday) 1:15 CH 971, March 3 (Wednesday) 10:15 CH 971, Live Discussion March 5 (Friday) AUD and CH 971
Great Decisions Week 4: (Note: the program has changed from channel 970 to 971). We will begin Week 4 “Struggles Over the Melting Arctic” with the showing of the DVD on the above topic on Monday, March 1 in the afternoon at 1:15 pm and on Wednesday, March 3 in the morning at 10:15 am on Channel 971. You may want to read the Briefing Booking over the weekend. There are two briefing books in the Library for your use. If you read the briefing book first, you may need to view the video only once on Monday or Wednesday. Discussion Live will be on Friday, March 5 at 1:15 pm in the Auditorium and on Channel 971. The Discussion Live program involves conversation (dialogue) from a small number of individuals seated in the Auditorium and a larger number of residents watching television from their homes. The sign-up sheet for a six (6) person discussion group, which will be allowed in the Auditorium, will be posted near the door of the Auditorium or on the Resource desk.
Click here for more information and the weekly questionnaire.

Great Decision’s Briefing Books and eBooks
: A limited number of books are available for purchase for $32. Make your checks out to Great Decisions of Mid Maryland.  You can purchase an eBook from Amazon or Barnes and Noble for a cost $22.99.

*NEW–March 2 (Tuesday) 10:00, 11:00, 1:00 and 2:00 CH 971
Special Meeting on Renovations Progress: Abigail Stewart, Acts Director of Design, and Dave Deisterhoft, Chesapeake Regional Construction Director, will present plans and drawings for the first phases of the Fairhaven renovation project. There will be 4 sessions with limited attendance in the Auditorium. Sign up with Nancy (ext. 8800) to attend in person, or watch on channel 971. The presentation will be broadcast live and rerun several times during the following week. The meeting can also be viewed at:

*NEW–March 3 & 4 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Fire Hydrants Being Replaced: Fire hydrants will be replaced in the following areas:

      • 2 near the fork of the road that serves the “dog leg” cottages on Sycamore
      • 1 mid-way down Mall Lane
      • 1 mid-way down Orchard Lane

Grass in these areas will not be re-established until spring. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

*NEW–March 3 (Wednesday) 10:45 AUD
Music Listeners presents a live video concert recorded in 1972 by the Modern Jazz quartet. It was a jazz combo established in 1952 that played music influenced by cool jazz, blues and bebop. For most of its history, the Quartet consisted of John Lewis (piano), Milt Jackson (vibraphone), Percy Heath (double bass), and Connie Kay (drums). Noted for their elegant presentation, they were one of the first small jazz combos to perform in concert halls rather than nightclubs. (Limit 10; sign up at reception desk by calling ext. 8800. Also, on channel 971).

March 3 (Wednesday) 1:00–2:00 Resource Desk
Chat with a Rehab Therapist: Now EVERY WEEK! Wondering if outpatient therapy is right for you? Did you miss a rehab presentation, and would like some information or handouts? Want to know how to THRIVE? Come chat with one of our skilled physical, occupational, or speech therapists about any topic that interests you! And, as always, dial ext. 1772 for all your rehab therapy needs. The Fairhaven Therapy Team is here to serve you at the gym, outside, or in the comfort of your home!

March 3 (Wednesday) 1:30–2:30 CH 971
Community Garden and Greenhouse Subcommittee First Virtual Meeting of 2021: The 2021 Community Garden and Greenhouse Subcommittee will be televised on Channel 971. All residents interested in gardening in 2021 are invited to join us from your homes. Dale Bucks, Sue Aldape, John Kwedar, ext. 3134, and JoAnn Russo (ext. 8403) will discuss plans to construct raised beds as well as some other improvements.

March 4 (Thursday) 12:15
Bible Study: The Bible Study program will be shown on Channel 971— “When God Doesn’t Fix It.” Max Lucado check-ins will still show at noon on Channel 970.

March 5 (Friday) 10:00–11:00 Leighton Room
Book Club: This month’s book club selection will be The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. Please pick up a copy of the book and discussion questions from the librarian. (Limit 10; sign up with Ricki by calling ext. 3628).

*NEW–March 5 (Friday) 10:15 M&G
Total Brain Health: The next lesson in the Total Brain Health Memory 1.0 Series will be “What’s Age Got to Do with It,” which covers how age affects memory (Limit 10—class is now full; please sign up for the waiting list by calling Ricki at ext. 3628. If you DO NOT plan on attending, please let Ricki know in advance so someone on the waiting list may attend.)

*NEW–March 6 (Saturday) 10:00–2:00
Did you know that Fairhaven is a bird sanctuary?  To celebrate the Treasure Shop will hold a BIRD DAY. We have birds of all kinds in glass, ceramic, porcelain, wooden, feathered and more.  We also have collectible duck decoys, bird feeders, and birdhouses.  A FREE package of birdseed will go to all shoppers. All shoppers must be masked and gloved. Please sign up on the shop door or stop by and see if there is space.

March 8 (Monday)
Residents’ Photo Gallery: 
The next exhibit of photographs made by Fairhaven residents will be displayed on Monday, March 8. The subject/theme/challenge for March is “Sunrise, sunset…” As with all the suggested subjects, we hope to spark your creative juices to interpret the subject in your own way.
To facilitate the process of hanging the prints, it is important to have all entries available before they go on the wall. For that reason, it has been the practice that photos are brought to the display area on Sunday evening. They can be placed on the floor along the wall outside the Fitness Room. Complete guidelines for displaying photos are posted on the Gallery wall.

To assist in planning for coming displays, here are the subjects:
March – Sunrise, sunset…
April – National Parks
May – Recreation – doing what you enjoy…
June – My best picture…

Please suggest themes! We are gathering ideas for themes for the year beginning in September 2021. If you have an idea for a monthly theme, please tell Don Stevens-Rayburn. Send an email to or call and leave a message (ext. 3084). The only restriction is that the theme should not be too specific.

March 16 (Tuesday) 12:00 Auditorium, CH 971
March Wellness Chat: Personalize Your Plate: The USDA continually updates their recommendations and guidelines based on research on the role that diet plays in disease management and health promotion. The most recent guidelines were released in December of 2020. Join Carolyn Gaydos, MS, RD, LDN (Fairhaven’s Dietitian) for a review of the most current USDA guidelines and simple ways you can “Personalize Your Plate” so you will get the greatest health benefits while eating the foods you enjoy. (Limit 10; sign up at reception desk by calling ext. 8800. Also, on channel 971).

*NEW–March 16 (Tuesday) 7:00–7:45pm Online Webinar
Total Brain Health Free Online Event: 9 Ways to Bounce Back to Better Brain Health: President of Total Brain Health, Dr. Cynthia Green, will present a free, live webinar online. She will discuss the real science behind brain health, why isolation is bad for your brain, and 9 steps for maximizing memory. To register for free, go to the Eventbrite link at:


*NEW–Knitters and Crocheters
Please join us each Tuesday morning from 10:30-12:00 in the Craft Room to make items for the foundations that we support. Contact Leah at ext. 3072 for further information.

The Transportation & Security Office has moved to the old Marketing office area in the Aspen/Uplands building near the mailboxes.

Acts Legacy Foundation News/Contributions: If you made a contribution to support Fairhaven in 2020 – including to Spiritual Life – you should have recently received a letter signed by Richard Winter. This letter is a cumulative summary of your contributions for the year for your tax records. Please note that contributions made in the form of charitable gift annuities, securities, IRA qualified charitable distributions, donor-advised funds, and in-kind gifts are receipted separately from the letter you received. We are grateful to each and every resident who made a generous contribution to support Fairhaven in 2020. If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Caitlin Christ, Regional Foundation Director at (410) 970-2089 or

Gardener Sign-up: The Fairhaven Community Gardeners will begin its sign-up of new gardeners on Friday, February 19, 2021. The sign-up sheet can be found next to the Music and Game Room. Dale Bucks, ext. 3092, and Sue Aldape, ext. 3005, will be calling all the 2020 gardeners to determine which gardeners plan to continue gardening this year in your current plot(s), or would prefer a different plot, or would like to discontinue gardening for one reason or another. Both conventional (ground level) plots and raised bed plots will be available in 2021.

Holiday Candy:  If you have not yet picked up your holiday candy, please contact Mary at ext. 3809. We still have chocolate-covered pretzels and sugar-free candy left.

FRA “Office” Hours: Each Tuesday morning from 10:00-noon, FRA President, Joan Higbee, will be in the FRA Conference Room on the ground floor of the Beasman building. Residents are encouraged to come in to talk about concerns, to learn more about the FRA and its activities, or just to chat.

FRA Suggestion Box: Another way to voice your concerns or provide ideas for improvements is to use the wooden suggestion box found on the heating unit ledge near the mailboxes on the first floor of the Beasman. The box is unobtrusive. Look for it when you are walking by. Cards and pencils are provided.

The Sykesville American Legion will accept used flags to be disposed of respectfully. If you have any that have served their purpose, leave them at the front door of Charles Shaffer, C-119 and he will take them.

Beasman Boutique New Hours: The Beasman Boutique hours have changed to 11:00–1:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Scams: We have been letting you know of the latest scams for the past few months. We cannot stress enough the importance of not giving out any personal information to anyone over the phone, through email, or by mail. Using some issue that the scammer believes you will respond to, he/she may ask for social security number or credit card number, etc. They will try to build your trust. If they get your social security number, they can open accounts in their name and possibly steal your identity. Be suspicious of these calls.

To report fraud and get support, the National Elder Fraud Hotline can be reached at 833-372-8311, or at

COMCAM Office Hours: Due to the pandemic, Office Hours operate by appointment only. To make an appointment, email Don Stevens-Rayburn at (preferred) or call x3084 to set up a time to meet. In your email, please describe your problem as fully as possible as it may be possible to resolve your problem by return email.

Meetings will occur in the Resident Computer Lab on the ground floor of the Beasman Center or in your own cottage or apartment. For each appointment, Don or another techie will meet a single resident and masks must be worn.

Sales and Marketing Team’s New Neighbors Program — Earn $2,500 for every friend who moves in! Help keep your community strong, vibrant, and filled with your favorite people. Imagine if your friends also lived here so you could share the Acts Fairhaven lifestyle together.
It is easy to do with our resident referral program. Just encourage friends who have not yet contacted the community to come experience our lifestyle firsthand.
For every person you refer, we’ll enter you into a quarterly drawing to win an Amazon Echo. If your friends move into an Acts community, you will receive a one-time credit to your monthly fee for $2,500. (Only friends who have not contacted the community previously are eligible.)
Write the name of a friend on a referral card.  Submit your card to the Move-in Coordinator, Lisa Gambardella.

Like and Follow our Facebook Page:

Receiving Bulletins: If you receive bulletins and notices via email, but you would prefer to receive a hard copy, notify Mary Boyer at ext. 3809 so a green dot can be placed on your mailbox.

Morning newspapers: If you do not receive your morning newspaper, you may call 443-692-9011 by 10 a.m. and they will deliver your paper that day.

Mail: If you receive mail that does not belong to you, please drop it in the secure cabinet behind the Resource Desk on the ground floor; there is a slot on the top. Also, if you notice that you have someone else’s mail after you return home, please bring it back. Because this is US Mail, we must return it to our mail carrier to lock it in the correct mailbox.

Transportation and Shopping: You must sign up for the shopping trips at the Main Reception Desk (Nancy ext. 8800). Transportation services have returned with a maximum occupancy of 25% of vehicle/bus capacity. Staff assist with extra cleaning and the maintenance of social distancing. Masks must be worn!

Important Notice Regarding BB&T Bank: Cheryl Wheeler and Sandy Womer are still working out of the Mt. Airy Branch. If you need to call them, their phone number is 1-301-829-5420. If you need to mail a deposit, the address is 443 E. Ridgeville Blvd., Mt. Airy, MD 21771.

Worship Services

February 26 (Friday)  Lenten Program
4:30  Stations of Cross, Chapel (not televised)
5:15  Fellowship Dinner – Fireside Room – sign-up required at reception desk – 15 maximum

February 26 (Friday) 2:00 & 7:00  Faith and Film Series Special Movie—True Stories of Faith in Action: “I Can Only Imagine” This is a true story of the composer and “Mercy Me performer” of the hit song “I Can Only Imagine.”  It tells of the remarkable journey of Bart Millard who survived an abusive family situation through the encouragement of a music teacher and his church family. However, he could not shake his deep resentment toward his abusive father and the emotional scars that afflicted him and impacted his adult relationships. It was not until he discovered the need to forgive totally with God’s help that he was healed, resulting in an amazing turnaround. He composed one of the most popular music hits of all time that reflects the story of his life. Starring Dennis Quaid and Trace Adams and the late Cloris Leachman.

February 26 (Friday) 4:30  Special Zoom Shabbat Gathering with Rabbi Amy Scheinerman. If you would like to join this group, please call ext. 3888 by 3:00. All are welcome.

February 28 (Sunday)  Second Sunday of Lent
10:30  Prelude- Special Music
11:00  Sunday Service with The Rev Wayne H. Larson, Senior Chaplain. Televised on Fairhaven Channel 971 with Musician Ann Davis and Soloist Lori Ramser.
Click here for the service bulletin.

March 4 (Thursday) 12:15  Bible Study “When God Doesn’t Fix It”

March 4 (Thursday) 3:00  Rosary Bishop’s Chapel

March 5 (Friday)  Lenten Program
4:30  Stations of the Cross: Chapel; Sign up at front desk required (10 maximum)
5:15  Fellowship Dinner: Fireside Room; Sign-up required at front desk (15 maximum)

March 5 (Friday) 2:00 & 7:00  Faith and Film Series Special Movie “Emanuel” The story following the tragic Charleston Church shooting by a 21-year-old white supremacist of African American church members during a prayer service. A poignant and timely story of justice, faith, love, and hate, examining the healing power of forgiveness.  Also included prior to the movie is a conversation between award-winning actress Viola Davis and co-producer Mariska Hargitay about the issues that we are facing today relating to racism, reconciliation, and healing.

March 5 (Friday) 4:30  Special Zoom Shabbat Gathering with Rabbi Amy Scheinerman. If you would like to join this group, please call ext. 3888 by 3:00. All are welcome.

Culinary Services

Copper Kettle Reopened
The Copper Kettle has reopened. Reservations are still required for everyone and can be made starting the day before at 4PM by calling ext. 4000 or emailing

Library Announcements

Tax Forms were ordered January 15 but have not yet arrived. If you need hard copies of tax forms, they can be found and printed at:

Carroll County Public Library is closed. It is closed to the public again due to COVID and will open only for contactless Express Pick-Up.

Fairhaven Library is open on evenings and weekends, as well as regular daytime hours. Face masks are required. Residents must sign in and out. The newspaper room remains closed, and newspapers are not available.


Quote of the Week

If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.” —Toni Morrison

Happy Birthday

March 3 —  Hazel Jasper
 Katherine Klasmeier
March 5 —  Rita Wobber
 Mildred Murphy
March 7 —  Ann Gallager

Thank You’s!

The Treasure Shop wants to say thank you for the generous donations of furniture and other items this past month. We have been able to make many employees and residents happy to find something that they needed. We are getting low on jewelry items, a delight to the senses. If you have some jewelry languishing in your jewelry boxes, please consider donating them to the Treasure Shop. Just leave them in the shopping cart parked outside the craft room. Tax forms are available.

Many thanks to all those writing for the Lenten Meditation Booklet. Almost 40 people, many for the first time, shared their thoughts on a Bible passage. Behind the scene organizing were: Joy Barker, Arlene Desmarais, Peggy Moll, and Margy Zabriskie, as well as Margo McPhillips, who did a remarkable job on layout. Bill Bleam helped with assembling. Again, thanks to all residents and staff who participated in this team effort.

If you haven’t picked up a Lenten Booklet yet, please feel free to do so and read what residents and staff have to say.

– Margy Zabriskie

New Residents

Jean (Jeannie) Robertson – U-402
Charles (Joe) and Audrey Trupia – C-78



All submissions for the next Friday Bulletin are due to Ricki Hunsinger
no later than Tuesday at 11 a.m. Email your submissions to We are sorry, but we cannot accept late submissions.

Calendar of Activities
Week of February 28, 2021

Channel 970 airs activities, menus, & announcements non-stop; they are read aloud 9:30 a.m. weekdays.

For events where audiences are permitted, attendance is now limited to the first 10 people who sign up. Please sign up for events at the main reception desk by calling ext. 8800. Please sign up for fitness classes with Sam.

Sunday, February 28
10:30 CH 971 Music Prelude
11:00 CH 971 Worship Service
2:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Deadly Drifter

Monday, March 1
9:00 CH 971 Exercise for Arthritis DVD
9:15 Pool Water Toning (limit 10)
11:00 CH 971, AUD Muscle Toning (live, limit 10)
1:15 CH 971 Great Decisions: Struggles Over the Melting Arctic DVD
2:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Sherlock Holmes–Terror by Night

Tuesday, March 2
9:00 CH 971 Muscle Toning DVD
10:00 M&G Better Balance and Fall Prevention (limit 10, not live)
10:00, 11:00, 1:00, 2:00 CH 971, AUD Fairhaven Renovations presentation with Abigail Stewart
10:30–12:00 CRFT Knitters and Crocheters
11:00 CH 971 Gentle Yoga with Mo replay
1:15 CH 971, AUD Wellness Workout CANCELED
3:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Liar Liar

Wednesday, March 3
9:00 CH 971 Yoga for Arthritis DVD
9:15 Pool Water Toning (limit 10)
10:15 CH 971 Great Decisions: Struggles Over the Melting Arctic DVD
10:45 CH 971, AUD Music Listeners: Modern Jazz Quartet (limit 10)
11:00 M&G Muscle Toning (limit 10)
1:00–2:00 Chat with a Therapist: Resource Desk
1:30 CH 971, AUD Garden and Greenhouse Meeting
2:30 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Finding Neverland

Thursday, March 4
9:00 CH 971 T’ai Chi: Joy Thru Movement DVD
10:00 CH 971, AUD Better Balance and Fall Prevention (live, limit 10)
11:00 CH 971 Gentle Yoga with Mo (limit 10)
12:00 CH 970 Bible Study: Max Lucado Check-in
12:15 CH 971 Bible Study: When God Doesn’t Fix It
1:15 CH 971, AUD Wellness Workout live
2:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Good Night and Good Luck
3:00 CHPL Rosary

Friday, March 5
9:00 CH 971 Yoga Strength and Balance DVD
9:15 Pool Water Toning (limit 10)
10:00 LGTN Book Club: The Giver of Stars (limit 10)
10:15 M&G Total Brain Health: Lesson 6: What’s Age Got to Do with It (limit 10)
11:00 CH 971, AUD Muscle Toning (live, limit 10)
12:30–2:00 CRFT Quilters
1:15 CH 971 & AUD Great Decisions: Struggles Over the Melting Arctic live (limit 6)
2:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: Emanuel
4:30 Zoom Shabbat Gathering
4:30 CHPL Stations of the Cross (limit 10)
5:15 FSR Fellowship Dinner (limit 15, sign up)

Saturday, March 6
10:00–2:00 Treasure Shop: Bird Day
2:00 & 7:00 CH 971 Movie: La Bamba


ART  Art Studio

AUD  Auditorium

CER  Ceramics Room

CHPL  Chapel

COX  Cox Room

CRD  Card Room

CRFT  Crafts Room

FSR  Fireside Room

LGTN  Leighton Room

LNGE  Beasman Lounge

M&G  Music & Game Room

RT COM Resident Computer Room

SSO Social Services Office

UPL  Uplands Lounge