Our Heritage

Our heritage is that which has been handed down to us from one generation to another. Grounded in our past, our heritage shapes who we are in the present, and who we will be as we envision and create our future.

Fairhaven’s heritage springs from the grace and power of relationships. Fairhaven began with the grace of Frank and Viola Beasman’s “Fairhaven” dairy farm, their resources, and a vision. But their generous gift was the fruit of a relationship.

The Beasmans lived in Baltimore, near the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation, where Jack Peabody was Dean. Through the relationship they developed over many years as neighbors, friends, and pastor, a shared dream was kindled; a vision of creating a community for aging men and women, through which unmet needs and dreams could be fulfilled.

In 1970, the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland became the steward of the Beasman’s Fairhaven Farm, their resources, and this shared vision.  In 1974, the Diocese created “Episcopal Ministries to the Aging, Inc.”, whose purpose was to “provide services and facilities to satisfy the full needs of the aging throughout Maryland”.

Since then, many people have connected their passion with the unmet needs and dreams of older adults, and became part of a larger purpose. This is the heritage with which we have been blessed.