Paving Schedule Update

July 29, 2020

Dear Fairhaven Residents and Family Members,

We are almost 10 days into our summer paving project, and we are ahead of schedule!  Sections 1 & 2 are completed ahead of schedule!  Please read the Section 3 update below.  To take advantage of the good weather and favorable schedule, we are starting the Lower Lot area (Section 3) early.

      • Section 1: Completed on time! Paving began Monday, July 20th and included Orchard Lane, Mall Lane, the parking lot at the Grounds Building and the connector roadway and southwest parking lot which included the car wash area. Section 1 is complete!
      • Section 2: Completed ahead of schedule! Paving began Monday, July 27th and included Outer Drive (western section) from Cottage 90 to Cottage 109, Sycamore Walk drive and parking lot.  Section 2 will be complete by Thursday, July 30th.
      • Section 3 paving will begin Friday, July 31! This is a change.  Section 3 includes the northwest parking lot and employee parking lot.  Residents parking in Parking Pavilions numbered 1-14 and 202-211 and in numbered parking spaces 135-140 & 154-159 must move their cars by 8 p.m., Thursday, July 30th.  These cars should be moved to unnumbered spaces along Outer Drive (eastern section) across from the Parking Pavilions near Orchard Lane Cottages or to the newly paved area near Grounds building and the Car Wash area.
      • Section 4 paving will tentatively begin Monday, August 10th and includes Conifer Way.

Additional, specific information for each Section will be distributed prior to each Section start date.  This information will confirm the date, when to move vehicles, where to move vehicles and when to return your vehicles.

It’s exciting to see these planned improvements coming to life!


Philp Burkholder
Executive Director

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