Remsberg, Philip & Rosemary(Sam)

New Residents

Phil was born and grew up in Carlisle, PA.  Sam was born in South Kingston, RI and grew up in Wickford, RI.  Sam went to Howard CC and UMUC studying English Literature.  Phil attended 5 colleges before settling in at UMUC to get a degree in Business Administration.  Phil later attended American University to get a Master degree in Public Administration. Sam worked at NSA as an Admin for the Director’s Staff and Phil spent 3 years in the Army and then another 34 working at NSA.  After living in both Laurel and Columbia, they found the perfect home in Laurel which they owned for 40 years.  Fairhaven attracted them with the Cottages and very friendly residents and staff and they moved here in February 2020.

Phil and Sam met at a Valentine’s Day dance as blind dates, courtesy of Sam’s brother.  After marrying they had 2 children.  Phil and Sam spent a lot of time supporting their kids in various sporting activities.  Both kids played a lot of soccer at various levels and Phil coached or managed some of the teams.  The kids also were involved in swimming when they were younger.  Dan, while playing high school soccer, was also the football place kicker.  Their daughter Kim lives in DC and works as a Financial Manager for a company that uses government grants to support women’s health issues in many foreign countries.  Her husband, Martin, works for the Government. Kim graduated from the Univ. of Delaware.   Their son Dan lives in Atlanta GA with his wife and 2 sons and works for Home Depot in management and his wife Marissa is an anesthesiologist assistant.  Dan graduated from Towson.

Sam and Phil have traveled throughout the East Coast.  They have visited California and Lake Tahoe.  They lived in Australia for 4 years and were able to visit sites there like Ayers Rock, the Barrier Reef, and Tasmania.  They have also visited Fiji and Cancun and have enjoyed several cruises on the Mississippi and the Chesapeake Bay as well as several work-sponsored Caribbean cruises.

Sam enjoys drawing, sketching, artwork, ceramics, and Zentangle.  Phil likes reading, working occasionally as a consultant for BCT, picture taking with his phone, and is an avid Bonsai gardener.  Both are looking forward to the return of activities post Covid.  Sam hopes to again enjoy Bingo.  Phil hopes to be able to enjoy the gym without masks and sing with the chorus.

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