Ceramics Studio

Activity Description

Prior experience is not required to enjoy the creative experience of using the Ceramics Studio, since the basics can be learned through an 8-week course entitled the “Art of Pottery” given several times during the year by a qualified teacher from the Carroll Community College. Each class is limited to a maximum of 12 students, and there is no enrollment cost. Instruction is given on both an individualized and group basis. Students are then free to create a product of their own design, starting with a lump of raw clay and progressing to the fired final object. Many varieties of glaze are available for coloring, making designs, or imprinting images, and special glazes not available in the studio may be purchased.


The studio is located on the ground floor of the Beasman Center, just past the entrance to the Residents’ Workshop and before the left-hand corridor leading to the Health Center. See map.


All questions on course schedules, disability concerns, equipment & supplies should be directed to Jo Ann Russo at ext. 8403. Also, experienced residents willing to assist in the studio would be welcome and are urged to contact Jo Ann Russo to discuss such interest.