Crafts Room

Activity Description

The craft activities offered at Fairhaven are varied and present opportunities for both individual and group projects. The home room, which is staffed by knowledgeable volunteers, has quilting frames, three sewing machines, cutting tables, and ample space for works in progress. Also on site for residents’ and staff members’ convenience, at discount prices, is a large inventory of fabrics and sewing needs, including an impressive collection of buttons, as well as knitting, embroidery, and crocheting supplies.

The volunteer staffers are available twice a week to provide instruction or answer questions about techniques and tools used for particular craft activities. In this connection, use of the Crafts Room for individual projects is welcome and encouraged, and group classes/activities are scheduled from time to time, often at the request of residents and occasionally with professional instructors, for popular projects such as costume jewelry, greeting cards, corsages, humorous millinery creations, and seasonal theme items. The Crafts Room hosts a “Prayer Shawl” knitting group each Tuesday morning at 10:30 and welcomes all knitters.

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A Christmas Bazaar is held in November at which products created by residents and seasonal decorative items are displayed and are available for purchase, the proceeds of which benefit the FRA operating fund. In the summer a Clearance Sale is held primarily to provide staff and residents the opportunity to purchase craft items at severely reduced prices.


The Crafts Room is usually open each Tuesday and Friday from 10 am until noon.


The Crafts Room is located by turning right at the end of the ground floor “Library Entrance” corridor, after the atrium and beauty shop.


Elaine Fritz at extension 3046, or Ellen Wiser at extension 3171.