Model Railroad Room

Activity Description

The club’s HO scale model railroad layout (approximately 8 x 12 feet) is mounted on a raised platform in the Model Railroad Room. The layout encompasses 142 feet of track, 17 remotely controlled switches from a master control panel and a large multi-track freight yard with a turntable. Nine diesel and steam engines, of which two have sound, are programmed to change direction and speed. They are remotely controlled by DCC (Direct Command and Control circuitry.) Rolling stock includes numerousThe Model Railroad Club was organized in 2011 to provide an opportunity for Fairhaven residents with an interest in model railroading to pursue their hobby and to provide an interesting and fun display for residents and guests, particularly young grandchildren.

freight cars and a set of 19th century passenger cars.

The layout is artistically landscaped with trees and shrubs along a highway network connecting a small village to a suburban housing and commercial area. At night the village buildings and street lights are lighted. Double railroad tracks and a highway pass through a large mountain. Spanning over a nearby canyon is a metal railroad bridge. A dramatic landscape, painted by resident artists, provides perspective to the layout.

An attractive array of railroad photographs and drawings decorate the walls of the Railroad Room. A collection of vintage railroad lanterns and 19th century HO scale trains are displayed in a glass cabinet.


The Model Railroad Room is open for visitors by special request. Residents may call any of the club members (see Contacts, below) to arrange for a visit by family members or guests.

Work days for those interested in helping are Tuesdays and Fridays from 1:30pm to 3:00pm.


The Model Railroad Room is located on the 3rd floor of Aspen. Take the Copper Kettle elevator to the 3rd floor, exit and turn left. Go down the hall, and the Model Railroad Room is on your left. There is a sign over the French doors.


The following club members are available to arrange a visit to the Model Railroad Room. The visit will include a demonstration of multiple trains operating simultaneously:

Ron Smith, ext. 8430, (Chairman)
John Boynton, ext. 8491
Tom Marcellas, ext. 8464
Sam Wolfe, ext. 8433
Will Drummond, ext. 3063
Al Kraig, ext. 8449

— Don Riley/Al Kraig