Computer Room

The Residents’ Computer Room is intended to facilitate access by Fairhaven residents to the basic conveniences normally associated with a home computer, such as e-mail, playing interactive on-line games, writing letters and documents, and web-surfing. Since tutoring and on-site assistance is very limited, it will be of interest primarily to those who already have at least entry-level proficiency in using the Microsoft Windows operating system with Office and web browser software programs.

There are four desktop workstations. Each PC has the Windows 10 operating system installed, together with a number of other popular software applications and some games. Each machine has Microsoft Office 2013 installed as well as the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers. The Microsoft Photos app provides some rudimentary photo editing capability.

All workstations also include high-speed Internet access, for which there is no charge to the user.

Peripheral hardware consists a color laser printer/scanner/copier as well as a wifi router for personal laptop access to the Internet, again, for which there is no charge to the user.

Rules for use

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    • Sign in to the sign in/out log on the case beside the door.
    • Be considerate of your fellow users, that is work quietly.
    • DO NOT install, modify, or delete software settings and/or settings on the workstations.
    • DO NOT store files on the computer hard drive or on the windows desktop.  Any files stored there may be read and or deleted at any time.
    • DO store your files on your own flash drive.


Always open; access by entering password (obtained from the contact person listed below) on keypad to left of the door.


Ground floor of the Beasman Center. Proceeding east (elevator on left, atrium on right) in the “Library entrance” corridor, turn left at the next corridor. Entrance to the Computer Room is last door on the right.


Don Stevens-RayburnName: Don Stevens-Rayburn
Residence: C-016
Extension: 3084