Community Garden

The Fairhaven Community Garden:

Fairhaven devotes a section of land for resident gardeners rent-free. It is located in an accessible corner of the campus and is intended to provide a friendly, flexible, and fun approach to a hobby that’s both pleasant, healthful, and useful.

A number of community members yearly produce vegetables and flowers for personal use, for distribution to friends, and for donation to charitable causes and the Fairhaven community. And some in the group carefully tend potential prize-producing tomato plants for competition in Fairhaven’s annual tomato-growing contest.

(See Great Tomato Contest 2017 under News on the homepage)

Fairhaven’s growers subscribe to a gardening philosophy that promotes holistic, sustainable growing practices, when possible. That means they use no more water than necessary. They forego the use of weed-killing chemicals and emphasize the use of organic fertilizers, including composted materials.

The garden consists of 26 conventional plots each measuring 12 by 14 feet and 12 4- by 4-foot raised-bed plots. There is an added 12- by 14-foot plot set aside for composting, meaning an area where organic material is collected and allowed to decompose until it is useful for humus. Additionally a separate 12- by 14-foot plot had been designated for strawberry production.

Like other resident activities, the gardening project is organized as a subcommittee and is led by a resident or two serving as the group’s chairperson or co-chairpersons. Early each spring, the leaders assign plots to would-be gardeners and help maintain the group’s agreed-on recommendations.

Information regarding plot distribution, rules, guidelines, and the like can be obtained from the current subcommittee leaders. The name or names of current leaders can be obtained by phoning the Fairhaven Residents’ Association Administrative Assistant at extension 3809.

For information regarding procedures and best management practices, please see this website’s entry titled Community Gardening Ethical Guidelines.