Nature Trails

Activity Description

The trails form a network on which one can vary distances and circuits from a brief outing to two miles without repetition. Modest up-and-downs lead to the Paulownia Forest at the top of a small hill. There a sheltered bench, also built by Scouts, is a popular goal. Other paths lead past several 19th century mine pits and ore chips to delight rock hounds. The mine behind Copper Ridge has stonework and foundations from its most recent operation. A stone foundation of an old farm house is decorated with artifacts from its trash pile, forming Henry’s Museum.
An exceptional feature of Fairhaven living is the extensive system of walking trails, giving access to enjoyment of wild things. Birds and deer abound amid trees, wildflowers, and small streams. Other animals are present, although seen less often: fish, foxes, raccoons, opossums, and wading birds among them. The trails are designed for casual walking, with modest improvements. Many are bordered by a row of local rocks, and marked by color-coded trail markers. Benches offer frequent chances to rest, contemplate, and observe the animal activity. Natural springs lead to Piney Run, which drains the nearby Piney Run Reservoir and Park. Bridges and a Frog Pond, built by Scouts to achieve their Eagle Badges, enhance the ambiance and make navigation easy.


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A map of the trail network is in the Red Book furnished each resident, and is also available in the mailbox at the entrances to two of the trails. In addition, a more detailed description of each of the trails is available here.

Normal cautions include always walking with a buddy, and carrying a cell phone if you have one. Watch your step: there are rocks and roots, vines and dead-fall, nuts and cones, all ready to trip the unwary. Stay aware of your personal limitations. Come back before you tire and carry water if you need it.

Have a wonderful experience which can change from day to day, with the weather and the seasons. For safety reasons, do not wander off of the defined, established paths.


The Nature Trail system is open all day every day. It is suggested that walkers plan to return before dark. The entrance to the East and West Trails is reached by crossing the lawn from Outer Drive between the big Dawn Redwood tree and Sycamore Lane, bearing right around the berm, and passing the small tool shed on your left. Also, Shadyside Loop provides three entrances directly from Outer Drive.


Allen Brougham, at extension 3151