Golf Course

In the Fall of 1980, Henry Worcestor, businessman, laundry industry leader and Fairhaven resident, designed, financed, and built on the Fairhaven campus the 350-yard golf course that bears his name.

The verdant course has three, par-three holes that stretch across rolling terrain adjacent to Obrecht Road at the far end of the community’s campus. There are no sand traps. The main golfing hazard is a cluster of ancient evergreens midway along the course.

More than one resident describes the course as “wonderful.” That’s because it provides no-fee golfing at any time, is easily accessible, and is available to residents, their children, and grandchildren to practice driving and putting, or to arrange pick-up matches. What’s more, the course–like Fairhaven’s walking and hiking trails–is pleasant to stroll.

In 2011 Fairhaven built a gazebo with seating. It houses a stash of golf clubs and balls that golfers or would-be golfers can use at will.

Three years earlier residents formed the Fairhaven Golf Association. The group typically consists of 20 or fewer regular members who stage weekly two or three-round matches between two or three-member teams. Every other week the matches are held as part of a season-long competition. The final match of the series is a championship match and the winning team in that contest earns the Fairhaven Cup.

Throughout the season, players earn points based on their performance and, at an annual golfers’ banquet, prizes are awarded to individual players for their golfing achievements.

—-John Boynton