The Little Market

Fairhaven sponsors The Little Market for residents and staff so they can purchase essential last minute items.

Although small in size, the market’s selection is varied. The store is located adjacent to the main reception desk.

The Little Market is stocked with various canned goods, distilled water in gallon jugs, juice, soda, coffee, and life’s necessity–candy of many kinds. Paper goods include toilet paper, paper towels and Kleenex. The biggest seller is Otterbein’s cookies, retailing at a lower price than at nearby supermarkets.

There is fresh bread, milk and eggs, at reasonable prices, as well as some frozen foods. The store also stocks cleaning supplies, batteries, and a limited supply of pharmaceuticals.

The Little Market is staffed by volunteers at varying hours between 11am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Due to the lack of volunteers, the store is not open full time. Residents interested in offering volunteer time should talk to the Fairhaven Director’s secretary. She supervises the store and gladly assigns times when would-be volunteers can serve. Also, there’s a bonus: Volunteers get a ten percent discount.



— Ellen Contstantine