Treasure Shop

The Treasure Shop is a boutique and thrift store located on the lower level of the Beasman Center building across from the Woodworking shop.

Acts, Fairhaven’s parent company, supplies the display space and utilities. The Fairhaven Residents’ Association owns the shop. Ellen Constantine, resident chairperson, and Ellen Wiser, co-chairperson, currently run the committee operating the shop’s the day to day activities. Thirty volunteers provide their time and talents to keep the shop going. It is open on alternating Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The shop sells household items such as glassware, china, silver, and small appliances. An ever-changing inventory also includes lamps, sculpture, art, crystal, ceramics, bric-a-brac, and jewelry. There are often games, puzzles, health aids, clocks, and electronics available for sale. Furniture, which the shop also sells, is displayed in the store’s Furniture Showroom located in cottage C120.

Everything is priced reasonably.

Most of the merchandise is acquired through donations from residents or from family members tending the estates of residents who have moved or departed Fairhaven. Clothing contributed by residents and others is collected in an area under the Aspen building.

The shop was established in September 2011 and has been financially successful. During its history, it has provided about $80,000 to the residents’ association treasury. The shop’s themed and special events have also raised funds for the Fairhaven Residents Assistance Fund and other charitable groups.

Beyond that the shop is a “social” success. It offers residents an opportunity to visit and contribute, and it is open to everyone, including Acts employees, residents, their families, and the public.

The shop welcomes donations and can always use additional volunteer hours!

CONTACT: Ellen ConstantineName: Ellen Constantine
Residence: C-043
Extension: 3206