What is the Fairhaven Residents’ Association?

The Fairhaven Residents’ Association (FRA) is an organization to which all Fairhaven residents automatically belong when they become a resident of Fairhaven. It is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation that was incorporated in 2002. The FRA was established in 1981 when its Bylaws were formalized and accepted by the management of Fairhaven. Accordingly, its mission is “to increase the opportunities for residents to participate actively in the Fairhaven community. This is accomplished by offering programs appealing to a wide variety of interests and recruiting resident volunteers to support many worthwhile causes on campus.”

The FRA is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors who serve a two-year term and are elected by the residents at the Annual Meeting of the FRA in January. The Board is composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and eight committee chairs. The Vice President is elected for a one-year term and the following year moves up to the president’s position for a one-year term. The committee chairs are responsible for approximately 75 subcommittees which organize and manage most of the available activities at Fairhaven.

One function of the FRA is to organize committees to conduct resident activities and to encourage resident participation in those activities. These activities, again according to the Bylaws, promote “the cultural and community interests and the health and comfort of the residents of Fairhaven, better enable Fairhaven to render its services to the residents, and assist the residents to communicate with Fairhaven about their concerns.” The activities are many and varied and are geared to promote “cultural, psychological, emotional, social, recreational and spiritual needs” of the residents as well as to sponsor charitable and educational activities for them. These programs and activities are financially supported by the FRA. Each resident financially contributes to help support the FRA. According to the Bylaws, each resident pays monthly of five dollars per resident per month.

The other function is to represent and assist residents in communicating their concerns to the Executive Director and to work toward implementing desirable changes. The FRA is the only organization that is authorized to act as a body to present the concerns of residents to the administration. The Executive Director acts on these concerns and, if necessary, communicates major problems to Acts, the parent company of Fairhaven. Concerns may be summited either orally or in writing to any member of the FRA Board of Directors.

The Fairhaven Friday Bulletin, that is published most weeks, contains a list of available activities for the coming week and is a good resource as are committee reports that are issued in connection with each FRA meeting. These committee reports contain detailed reports of the ongoing activities at Fairhaven and are most informative. The Friday Bulletin, the FRA meeting minutes, and the committee reports are distributed to all residents. Copies are found in the Library, where you will also find a list of the various committees, subcommittees and their chairs and contact information.

Residents of Fairhaven consider the FRA to be a vital part of our community. That is why so many residents volunteer their time and energy to organize and manage numerous activities and projects. The FRA encourages new residents to participate in the activities organized and managed by the FRA or suggest a new activity. The FRA also invites residents to volunteer to participate by serving on the committees and sub-committees of the organization.